Mar 102016

Relict Furies is playing as part of the New Zealand Festival on Tuesday March 15th.

You can see more details and download a programme from the Festival’s website.

Update: John Button for Stuff and Peter Mechen for Middle C have written reviews of the performance.

Nau mai haere mai ki te Taurima o Aotearoa.

At its premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival last year, Relict Furies by Gareth Farr and Paul Horan stole the show. It is a masterful portrayal of grief and desolation and one of the most moving tributes to those who lived through World War I.

In its 12 minutes we are reminded of why it is important to remember. Heartfelt thanks to Gareth and Paul for this work and to Margaret Medlyn and the members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for tonight’s performance.

Shelagh Magadza
Artistic Director

Relict Furies Gareth Farr Programme